Become a HEMP Oil Wholesale Partner & Increase Your Revenue by Over 20%

Wholesaler Program

The ATARAXIA™ wholesaler program is tailored to make the process of selling our products as easy and profitable as possible. We have helped several local retail stores, yoga studios, health supplement retailers, and holistic and healthcare professionals increase their revenue streams.


International Distributors

We are proud to offer international distribution programs. ATARAXIA is a FoodGrade product, and you can import* and distribute our HEMP oils in your home country, from Latin America to Japan, South Africa, and Europe. ATARAXIA makes it fast and easy for you to start selling our products, which include HEMP oils and HEMP-oil drops, so you can bring them to market in your local country. ATARAXIA provides your company with a high-quality hemp extract oil product, ready to hit the market, so you can focus, instead, on the most effective way to sell it.

We also offer white labeling for our product, in case you have a strong brand in your home country that you would like to use. We would take care of everything from label design to printing and packaging, so you can focus on the distribution.

*While import and customs are not the responsibility of ATARAXIA, we will provide the product FOB or CIF to any port in the world. From there it is the importers responsibility to legally import it into the country of destination.




Yoga Studios & Fitness Centers

ATARAXIA™ offers a fantastic Partnership program for Yoga Studios, Fitness Centers and Independent Yoga & Fitness Professionals, where you become the Retailer and we provide all the support, Marketing, Stock, Displays, and everything you need to increase your Revenue by 20%+ recommending the product to your customers.

Some of the benefits for your Customers include: For their Mind, Relax, Anxiety, Depression, Panic Attacks, OCD, PTSD, Bad Mood, Memory Loss, Insomnia, Focus. For their Bodies, Pain Relief, Reducen Inflammation, Nausea, Migraine, Acne, Decreases Blood Pressure, Reduces Risk of Nerve Damage, Reduces Blood Sugar Levels, Reduces Menstrual Cramps, Stimulates Bone Growth, Parkinson’s Disease among others.

This is a unique an fantastic opportunity for Independent professionals trying to increase your revenue, while helping your customers to feel better mental and physically.


Drop Shipping Program

ATARAXIA™ offers a rapid drop shipping program for partners who are interested in saving time and money. All you have to do is run your business and get the orders, and we will handle everything from warehousing to fulfillment. By taking this approach, our high-quality HEMP oil products reach our wholesale customers, as well as customers in your local markets, with half the work. There are no costs associated with this program and no reason to hold inventory, or pay upfront fees. All you have to do is take the orders from your local distributors or retailers and we will ship the product directly to your customer at no cost to you.


Custom Manufacturing

ATARAXIA™ offers a wide variety of custom HEMP oil blends in case your Company requires a special proprietary formula. Our four most popular HEMP oil blends include:

Along with these blends, we can even include unique ingredients and flavors you request into our HEMP oil-based formulas.


Contact ATARAXIA Today

If you are ready to place a wholesale order for ATARAXIA HEMP oils, which are 100 percent natural, organic, vegan, Food-Grade-certified, and made from non-GMO ingredients, reach out to our team today by phone, email, or by filling out our online contact form. At ATARAXIA, we are devoted to improving the lives of people throughout the world, helping them feel better so they can enjoy a better quality of life.