What Are The Most Common Migraine Triggers? Part 2

Are you one of the more than 38 million Americans or 1 billion individuals worldwide who suffers from migraines? Migraine headaches are one of the most common types of chronic pain that can cause debilitating symptoms that may include severe throbbing pain, numbness, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, light and sound sensitivity, and even vision disturbances (aura). The symptoms can often make it difficult for individuals suffering a migraine attack to “function normally”. While medical professionals do not fully understand migraines, this type of chronic pain is classified as a treatable neurological illness that can affect children, women, men, and elderly individuals. And while there is a long road ahead for researchers and medical professionals in gaining a better understanding of this condition, research has characterized the common triggers that cause migraines.

In our recent post, we looked at these three common migraine triggers:

  • Genetics
  • Stress
  • Food

Today, we will look at three more triggers that can cause migraines. If you are one of the many people suffering from migraine headaches, visit ATARAXIA to learn more about the benefits of CBD drops for relieving migraines and find out if this natural pain relief solution may be right for.

3 Common Causes of Migraine Headaches


Along with different types of food, there are a number of drinks that can trigger a migraine. Sugar-packed soft drinks and sports drinks have been known to cause migraines, as well as beverages containing artificial sweeteners. Caffeinated beverages can also trigger migraines, which many find unusual given that caffeine can also cause a migraine to subside. But as with all migraines, the triggers are unique to the individual.

In addition to these common drink triggers, alcohol — especially red wine — may cause a migraine attack. One study suggests this may be linked to the sulfites in red wine, although there is still much more research needed to definitively prove this claim. What’s even more interesting about this specific study is it shows that there is a more prevalent connection between migraines and red wine among women. This study reports that dietary factors in migraine patients according to gender showed that out of 200 migraine patients studied, 22.22 percent of women reported red wine as a top migraine trigger compared to only 7.89 percent of men.

Sensory Stimulation

Another common trigger is sensory stimulation. This may include sudden or sharp visual stimulation such as sun glare, bright lights or sunlight, fluorescent lights, and strobe or fast-blinking lights. Migraines may be triggered by loud noises and sharp, sudden sounds. Strong smells and powerful odors from perfume, gasoline, cleaning products, and paint thinner can also trigger a migraine.    



Environmental Factors

Oftentimes, migraines can be triggered by changes in the environment. Pressure changes from going up and down in altitude can cause a migraine to strike. Changes in barometric pressure may also induce a migraine.

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